Ruang Seni Situs Patung (Hall C), Jogja National Museum
Jl. Amri Yahya (Gampingan) No. 1, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

About Jogja National Museum
Jogja National Museum is the first contemporary art museum in Indonesia. It was first thought by KPH Wironegoro in 2000. The founder and now director of the Museum has led the renovation of the old art Institute, and facilitations of art exhibitions. In line with the development, The museum program is to facilitate contemporary arts practices and develop its related fields. The 1.5 acres stands 5 main buildings that was used as art campus until the mid 1990’s. Now, the building is renovated to emphasize the development of contemporary art. The Museum is still on its course to be a National Museum, in doing so, programs have been created involving curators, artists and audience, to steadily firm the stances of being an art museum. Jogja National Museum is gaining visitors each year, whether it is art practitioner, artists, students and the general public. There’s always something to see here at Jogja National Museum.

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A curated monthly series of events. It concentrate on cultural and musical exchange between visiting and local artists.


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